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Valley Fire starts construction of new facility

DRUMMOND – The Valley Fire District (VFD) has gotten underway in constructing their new station in downtown Drummond.

The new fire station will house tankers and Type-6 assault vehicles. The building will also expand the department’s storage for equipment, provide meeting spaces and a fully functional kitchen.

“This facility will allow us to have five vehicles here in Drummond,” said VFD Chief Sean O'Connor. “And while it gives the department better facilities from which to respond from, it will also act as an evacuation site should we ever need it.

“The new fire hall is going to be a great addition to Drummond and northern Granite County.”

Drummond Mayor Gail Leeper echoed those sentiments.

"The new fire hall will be a great asset to our community," said Leeper. "I believe it will be the beginning of a new transformation to our main street. The Valley District Fire Dept volunteers and their families are and will continue to be the leaders in our community."

Image / Google Maps

Valley Fire’s new station will be located at 242 East Front Street, just west across C street from the Wagon Wheel Apartments and Café. It replaces the garage/service station that was erected in 1946 and previously owned by Marion Jones.

The old VFD Fire Hall is now in possession of Fic’s LLC, owners and operators of Fic’s Gas Station in Drummond. It is immediately adjacent to that business and stands to become part of a larger facility there in the future.

Granite Mountain Bank originally donated the building to the VFD in the 1980s to give the volunteer firemen a base of operations. Valley Fire has substations in Gold Creek, Hall, and Maxville.

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