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The Flint Creek Courier is an online news blog dedicated to bringing news of Granite County to its readership. We'll start small, but plan to get bigger as time goes by. We want to bring you the news when it happens, not a week after it's over. And we want to give it to you in full color, whenever you want to read it.


As our readership grows, the Flint Creek Courier also wants to be a great place for businesses to reach their customers. Traditional forms of advertising are on the decline with commercial free radio and over-priced print ads losing ground as people spend more and more time online. Studies show that people spend and average of 5.75 hours/day online (, April 2015) and that the they way to reach those people today is through digital advertising. The Flint Creek Courier wants to keep your business at the forefront of technology.


At the end of the day, it's all about telling good stories that are fair, accurate and interesting. We won't have to tell you we're "fair and balanced" like some television networks try to, you'll know it by the quality of our reporting. And when the stories get a little tough, as they sometimes do, we'll give an honest representation of everyone involved. It's what journalism is supposed to do.


We invite you to join us as we launch Grainite County into a new era of news coverage. Whether it's as a subscriber, advertiser or maybe even as one of our staff, we look forward to what we can accomplish together.


The Flint Creek Courier Staff

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