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S H O P.
L O C A L.
F I R S T !

We have some great shops, merchants and business people in Granite County and the surrounding area. So if they have what you need, please SHOP LOCAL FIRST! Keeping our money local  helps our local economy!

But if a local retailer or business doesn't have or can't get what you're looking for, please consider using our Walmart Affiliate Link to order things online. As a Walmart Affiliate the Flint Creek Courier earns from qualifying purchases. That means a portion of what you spend comes back to the Flint Creek Courier with every purchase. You don't pay any more for your items, but Walmart rewards us for directing you to them.

Use our Walmart Affiliate Link to shop now. or here's a great idea below for some special items.


Tim Allen

Managing Editor, The Flint Creek Courier

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