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State Champs lead postseason honors on the grid iron

GRANITE COUNTY – When you win a state championship, it only stands to figure you might have a few of the best players in the state.

2020 was no exception for the Flint Creek Titans.

The Titans, who won the MHSA Class 8-Man Football crown November 21 with a perfect 12-0 record, claimed top honors on both sides of the ball when the Western All-Conference and All-State teams were named.

Senior Kade Cutler and Junior Cordell Langton led the charge for the locals as Flint Creek landed six players to the All-State team.

Cutler, who has committed to play at Montana State University next year, led the Titans as their play caller for the third straight year. He was tabbed the Western Conference’s Offensive MVP having amassed 2,195 total yards not counting special teams. He was 73-for-95 passing (76.8%) for 1,122 yards and 15 touchdowns against one interception. On the ground he collected 1.073 yards on 149 carries for 25 more scores.

Also named to the First Team Offense were: Preston Metesh (RB, Sr.), Mason Graeff (OL, Sr.) and Avery Metesh (SB, Jr.).

Second Team Offense selections for Flint Creek included: Cordell Langton (OL, Jr.) and Ethan Parke (TE, Sr.).

Langton was selected as the West’s MVP on defense for his tenacious play all season long at nose guard. He completed the year with 27.5 tackles and 9.5 tackles for loss.

Joining Langton on the First Team Defense were: Ethan Parke (DE, Sr.), Preston Metesh (ILB, Sr.), Leyton Wagner (OLB, Jr.) and Kade Cutler (DB, Sr.)

Making the Second team Defense roster were: Trevor Morrissey (OLB, Sr.) and Avery Metesh (DB, Jr.).

Of the six slots on the First Team Special Teams list, Kade Cutler captured three of them being named as the top Kick Returner, Punt Returned and Kicker.

Also making the All-State Team from Flint Creek were seniors Ethan Parke and Trevor Morrissey and junior Avery Metesh.


8-Man Western Conference


Kade Cutler, sr., Drummond-Philipsburg; Cordell Langton, jr., Drummond-Philipsburg; Preston Metesh, sr., Drummond-Philipsburg; Kade Pardee, sr., Thompson Falls; Roman Sparks, sr., Thompson Falls; Cody Burk, sr., Thompson Falls; Bryan Mask, sr., Alberton-Superior; Aaron Waddle, sr., Alberton-Superior; Lucas Anderson, sr., Thompson Falls; Tucker Foster, sr., Plains; Layne Spidel, sr., St. Ignatius; Trae Thilmony, jr., Thompson Falls; Ethan Parke, sr., Drummond-Philipsburg; Bryce Umphrey, so., St. Ignatius; Colt Crawford, sr., Arlee; Trevor Morrissey, sr., Drummond-Philipsburg; Preston Smith, jr., Darby; Avery Metesh, jr., Drummond-Philipsburg.


First team


Kade Cutler (MVP), sr., QB, Drummond-Philipsburg; Bryan Mask, sr., QB, Alberton-Superior; Roman Sparks, sr., QB, Thompson Falls; Kade Pardee, sr., RB, Thompson Falls; Colt Crawford, sr., RB, Arlee; Preston Metesh, sr., RB, Drummond-Philipsburg; Layne Spidel, sr., RB, St. Ignatius; William McPherson, sr., C, Thompson Falls; Aaron Waddle, sr., C, Alberton-Superior; Cody Burk, sr., OL, Thompson Falls; Mason Graeff, sr., OL, Drummond-Philipsburg; Orion Plakke, so., WR, Alberton-Superior; Bryce Umphrey, so., WR, St. Ignatius; Lucas Anderson, sr., TE, Thompson Falls; Tucker Foster, sr., TE, Plains; Avery Metesh, jr., SB, Drummond-Philipsburg; Jake Calloway, sr., SB, Alberton-Superior.


Cordell Langton (MVP), jr., DL, Drummond-Philipsburg; Dane Chojnacky, sr., DL, Thompson Falls; Cody Burk, sr., DL, Thompson Falls; Layne Spidel, sr., DE, St. Ignatius; Tucker Foster, sr., DE, Plains; Ethan Parke, sr., DE, Drummond-Philipsburg; Trae Thilmony, jr., ILB, Thompson Falls; Preston Metesch, sr., ILB, Drummond-Philipsburg; Lucas Anderson, sr., OLB, Thompson Falls; Leyton Wagner, jr., OLB, Drummond-Philipsburg; Kade Pardee, sr., DB, Thompson Falls; Kade Cutler, sr., DB, Drummond-Philipsburg.

Special Teams

Noah Coulson, sr., P, Arlee; Walker McDonald, jr., P, Seeley-Swan; Kade Cutler, sr., KR, Drummond-Philipsburg; Kade Cutler, sr., K, Drummond-Philipsburg; Kade Cutler, sr., PR, Drummond-Philipsburg.

Second team


Kellen McClure, so., QB, St. Ignatius; Gavin Regalado, sr., RB, Plains; Roper Edwards, sr., RB, Charlo; Lalo Bravo, sr., C, St. Ignatius; Cordell Langton, jr., OL, Drummond-Philipsburg; Ian Killorn, sr., OL, St. Ignatius; Phil Marquez, sr., WR, Charlo; Ethan Parke, sr., TE, Drummond-Philipsburg; Trae Thilmony, jr., SB, Thompson Falls; Charley Adams, jr., SB, St. Ignatius; Tucker Love, so., SB, Charlo.


Dawson DuMont, so., DE, Charlo; Walker McDonald, jr., DE, Seeley-Swan; Danner Haskins, sr., DE, Alberton-Superior; Ian Killorn, sr., ILB, St. Ignatius; Nate Clark, sr., ILB, Charlo; Colt Crawford, sr., ILB, Arlee; Preston Smith, jr., ILB, Darby; Derek Andersen, sr., OLB, Thompson Falls; Trevor Morrissey, sr., OLB, Drummond-Philipsburg; Aaron Waddle, sr., OLB, Alberton-Superior; Canyon Sargent, so., OLB, St. Ignatius; Roman Sparks, sr., DB, Thompson Falls; Avery Metesh, jr., DB, Drummond-Philipsburg; Bryan Mask, sr., DB, Alberton-Superior; Bryce Umphrey, so., DB, St. Ignatius; Coyle Nagy, jr., DB, Charlo.

Special Teams

Charley Adams, jr., KR, St. Ignatius; Nathan Schrader, jr., K, Thompson Falls; Roman Sparks, sr., PR, Thompson Falls; Bryce Umphrey, so., PR, St. Ignatius.


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