Residents reaching out to help amid outbreak lockdown

GRANITE COUNTY – As government officials at every level work to keep the public safe from the growing COVID-19 outbreak, citizens are stepping up to help their neighbors in a variety of ways.

One such person is Jean McKinney, a Philipsburg resident who posted a letter on social media last week offering to help seniors in her area with getting necessities and making sure they’re okay.

“I’m worried about some of our locals that aren’t getting meals or needing something because they didn’t think we were going to run out of toilet paper and paper towels,” said McKinney, who works for the Philipsburg Senior Center. “Most people are OK for right now, but they’re gearing up for what may be coming. Hopefully we don’t get any calls or they won’t need anything.”

McKinney hopes that people will call her assistance number – 406.282.4649 – instead of calling the Sheriff’s Department or the hospital.

If people do have need, McKinney and her friends are ready to make deliveries.

“We have gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and wipes and we are ready to go,” she added. “We make deliveries and leave it on their doorstep.”

McKinney noted that the needs of seniors are growing as the social distancing protocols to fight the virus continue. She reported that the Drummond Senior Center served over 50 meals March 18.

Like McKinney, others have also offered from their surplus for those in need. Social media has seen an uptick in residents offering eggs, vegetables and even toilet paper.

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