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New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

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(StatePoint) It’s no secret that many people wait for a new year to commit to implementing better habits. They’ll start eating more vegetables next week, they’ll cut out wine with dinner next month, and they’ll use their gym membership next year. These are things you’ve heard before, and likely even things you’ve said yourself. So how do you make resolutions you’ll stick to?


Have you ever intended to use a free weekend to clean and organize and then felt defeated by the enormity of the task? If you resolve to declutter, start with one room a month, slowly working your way through your space.

Celebrate with friends.

Ever get so busy with commitments that you forget to celebrate those who mean the most to you until a special occasion comes around? Celebrating at these times is certainly nice; but imagine how your loved ones would feel if they knew you were going out of your way to connect with them and celebrate an ordinary day?

With SmashUps from American Greetings, you don’t have to wait for a birthday or holiday to send a personalized message to friends. These customizable ecards allow you to send greetings celebrating, encouraging and congratulating, any time. Start the year by sending one friend or family member a SmashUp each week. You can even schedule them so you’ll never miss a moment. You’ll likely make their day and feel pretty good for the rest of yours, too.

Create a sleep routine.

Many people realize just how worn out and tired they are at the end of the year. When holiday breaks arrive, they may find themselves more inclined to relax and sleep than to celebrate. Starting in 2022, create a sleep schedule and stick to it. By sleeping enough each night, you’ll likely wake up feeling refreshed, ready to take on commitments and energized to do more of the things you enjoy.

Read a dozen books.

Setting overly ambitious goals can be a downfall for New Year’s resolutioners. Create small, realistic goals for a better chance of really sticking to them. For example, if your resolution is to read more, make it your goal to read one book per month. By tying a number and timeline to your goal, you’ll feel a sense of pride when you accomplish it and be motivated to continue.

Make meals at home.

Many people start the year with the intention of “eating healthier,” but don’t define what that means and get off track fast. You might start by committing to cooking dinner at home once a week. After a long day of work, ordering in or eating out can be tempting, but by committing to cooking once each week, you’ll save money and likely eat more healthfully. It can also be a fun activity to look forward to with your spouse, roommate or children. The same can be said about your morning coffee. Instead of making a daily stop at Starbucks, find a coffee you love and make it at home.

With smart strategies, you’ll be able to see how your new habits have become a normal part of your daily routine by the end of the year.


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