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Commissioners Adler, Hinkle reject Biden’s nomination for Secretary of the Interior; McLure abstains

PHILIPSBURG – In a March 2, 2021 letter from the Granite County Commissioners, Scott Adler and Charles Hinkle issued an official rejection of the nomination of President Joe Biden’s nominee for the Secreetary of the Interior, Deb Haaland.

Haaland (D), a Representative from Wyoming, was selected by Biden in December and is now facing committees on Capitol Hill as part of her confirmation process.


Read the Granite County Commissioner letter below


The letter, addressed with an open ended salutation and signed by Hinkle and Adler, was put on the agenda by Hinkle as chairperson of the Commission. The content outlines several policies purportedly supported by Haaland that Hinkle and Adler believe to be extreme including a moratorium on fossil fuel drilling and her proposed belief that agricultural practices are a cause of global warming.

Newly elected Commissioner Blanche McLure declined to sign the letter.

“I do not believe that it is the role of the Commission to dispute any federal appointments or confirmations,” McLure told the Flint Creek Courier Tuesday. “If they want to dispute them as residents of the county, that’s their right. But I don’t think doing it as the Commission is the right thing.”

While the letter was addressed to ‘Whom it may concern’ it was carbon copied to United States Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, All United States Senators and the General Media.


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