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UPDATE: Grizzly LP out of area for now

DRUMMOND – Grizzly LP has apparently moved out of the Drummond area.

FWP Game Warden Eli Hampson confirmed Wednesday that the grizzly bear named LP has been tracked moving north east away from Drummond. One of his fellow game wardens picked up the trap that had been set if he had returned.

At approximately 11:21 p.m. April 18 Grizzly LP found its way into Edward’s Gulch and ate the chickens on the Owen's property. It was caught on a game camera near the property of Keith Jesse. His son, Brandon, supplied the Flint Creek Courier with the image showing a young, collared bear at 11:21 p.m.

According to Game Warden Jamie Jonkel the bear had been previously apprehended near Gold Creek a few years ago and released near Seeley Lake.

Jonkel and Hampson noted that bears are coming out of their hibernation and are looking for food. Over the years they have noticed more and activity in the Granite County area stretching from Drummond southward to Philipsburg and Georgetown Lake.

According to, there are steps you can take as a home owner toward making your property less desirable to visit by grizzly or black bears. The first, and most effective, step is to make sure that any food or garbage is properly stored or disposed of. Leaving food out or not getting rid of smelly garbage immediately is a major attractant to bears. Pet food, fruit trees and attractants left in cars can also invite unwanted predators to your home.

And when a bear is in the area, make sure to secure your pets and ranch animals in sturdy shelters.

As bears have been known to make their way into Drummond and other towns, following these guidelines would also be helpful for residential neighborhoods.


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