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Local teams fare well in season-opening Tip Off Tournament

HAMILTON – The Trojan Boys basketball team came away with a perfect weekend, while the Lady Trojans and Prospector Boys balanced their books at 1-1.


Trojan Boys

Drummond 66, Superior 20

Drummond 77, Alberton 28

The Trojans took early leads in both games and never looked back.

“Great start to the season,” said DHS Head Coach Levi Parsons of Friday’s victory. “We got out to a great start in the first half, pushed the ball well with only 3 turnovers. We did get a little tired and gave up some baskets that shouldn't have happened but we can fix that.”

On Saturday’s win over Alberton he added, “Boys played real well again today. Really moving the ball well and finding the open player. Got a few things to clean up on defense, but really happy about the first week.”

Brody Rasor has taken the reigns as the team’s point guard, dishing out six assists on the weekend. Trey Phillips led the attack on the glass collecting 14 rebounds over the two starts, with Ben Bradshaw (11), Scott Parke (10) and Chance Dunkerson (8) also contributing in the paint. Michael James picked opponent’s pockets eight times on defense.

The Trojans are off until December 9th when they open their District 13 schedule at Lincoln.



Drummond – 18/21/16/11 – 66

Superior – 4/1/10/5 – 20

Drummond – Rasor 6, Parke 11, Parsons 22, James 4, Bradshaw 4, Suthers 3, Phillips 11, Dunkerson 4

Superior – Ryan 6, Donaldson 6, Plaake 5, Haworth 3


Drummond – 24/25/13/16 – 78

Alberton – 4/5/12/6

Drummond – Rasor 12, Parke 9, Parsons 12, James 11, Bradshaw 6, Graveley 2, Suthers 6, Phillips 8, Dunkerson 12

Alberton – Dao 7, ORenaud 3, Fredette 4, JRenaud 13


Lady Trojans

Superior 48, Drummond 44

Drummond 53, Alberton 3

The Lady Trojans lost a close one in their opener to Superior, getting outscored in a fourth-quarter shoot out 21-17. Saturday’s win saw Drummond take an early lead over an outmatched Alberton squad to earn their first win of the season.

Senior Liz Perry was the top scorer against Superior with 14 points, while Lexi Nelson was tops Saturday with 17. Remington Cline also edged into double figures in just her second varsity contest Saturday with 10.

The Lady Trojans are off until December 9th when they open their District 13 schedule at Lincoln.



Drummond – 7/8/12/17 – 44

Superior – 11/8/8/21 – 48

Drummond – Parsons 4, Nelson 5, ASawfer 2, Parke 9, RCline 2, Langton 3, Perry 14

Superior – Haskins 8, Pereira 18, Crab 9, Milender 13


Drummond – 24/19/8/2 – 53

Alberton – 0/0/3/0 – 3

Drummond – Parsons 8, Nelson 17, ASawfer 2, parke 2, Hicks 8, RCline 10, HSawfer 2, CCline 2, Perry 2

Alberton – Crider 1, Fredette 2


Prospector Boys

Two Eagle 52, Granite 48

The Prospectors allowed Two Eagle to get just far enough out of reach in the Friday opener that they couldn’t reel them in at the end.

“The boys played well, Hunter (Wingo) had a heck of a game,” said GHS Head Coach Mindy Avilla. “This is his first year ever playing basketball and he's doing really well.

“We still have a long way to go and hopefully having Cayhel (White) back next week, it'll be a step in the right direction. It helps having two of our captains (Andrew (Tallon) and Cavan (Babbitt)) on the court out there along with Eric (Pitcher) help lead those younger players.”

Avilla also gave a shout out to first year player Tavo Lattin who scored a buzzer beater as they game ended.

“Lots of new guys came out this year and a lot of them got better,” observed Tallon. “It really came down to miscommunication on D and missed shots.”

Tallon led all players in the game with 32 points, with Babbitt adding 11 and Pitcher four.



Granite – 9/16/13/10 – 48

Two Eagle – 11/20/11/10 – 52

Granite – Pitcher 4, Tallon 32. Babbitt 12

Two Eagle – Spiritedeasgle 21, Arlee 5, Afterbuffalo 11, Blackwolf 8, Cahoon 4, Byke 6


Granite vs Noxon n/a


NOTE - The Lady Prospector games were not reported.


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