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Drummond plays up a class on the road in Anaconda

ANACONDA – The Trojan basketball teams made the trip to Anaconda Tuesday to play the Copperheads, challenging the Class B school in a pair of close losses.

The Drummond Boys played with Anaconda most of the night, holding a 44-41 lea dat the end of three periods. But a 17-10 run by the Copperheads, led by River Hurley (6 pts) and Cael Mikalatos (9 pts), turned the tide and left the Trojans on the wrong end of a 58-54 score.

The scoring for Drummond was extremely balanced. Scott Parke led the way with 14, while Brody Rasor and Dalton Suthers added 12 each and Michael James 10. Trey Phillips rounded out the effort with six.

It turns out that 13 is an unlucky number for the Lady Trojans, as they Lady Copperheads scored that many in each of the first three quarters on their way to a 48-38 victory.

The loss drops the Drummond Girls to 1-2 on the young season.

Trailing 26-17 at the half, the Lady Trojans used a 17-13 third to climb back into the game and cut the margin to 39-34. But Anaconda recovered enough to outpace the locals 9-4 in the final stanza and earn the win.

Drummond’s Remington Cline led in scoring with 14 points.

Both teams will play next on the road at St. Regis.



Drummond – 16/12/16/10 – 54

Anaconda – 17/14/10/17 – 58

Drummond – Rasor 12, Parke 14, James 10, Suthers 12, Phillips 6

Anaconda – BGalle 6, Hurley 19, Farmer 4, Cook 7, Mikalatos 17, Dahood 1, Kriskovich 4



Drummond – 9/8/17/4 – 38

Anaconda – 13/13/13/9 – 48

Drummond – Parsons 8, Nelson 5, Parke 7, RCline 14, CCline 4

Anaconda – Galle 1, Patrick 7, Saltenberger 2, Lunceford 15, Mitchell 23




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