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School, Community Garden project starting in Drummond

DRUMMOND – A new effort is growing in Drummond and everyone can be part of it.

Maretta McGowan, Lauren Dunn and a small group of workers are preparing to start a garden project that will benefit both Drummond Schools and the surrounding communities including Hall.

The group will begin with a gardening class Thursday afternoon focusing on seed starting, grasshopper bait and nematodes to get the project and local gardens off on the right foot. MSU Extension Agent Ben Hauptman will also be on hand to help direct the seminar.


To see the meeting info, click the following link:


McGowan and Dunn are hoping to get the greenhouse built on campus at Drummond Schools in the coming weeks, having already begin soliciting help from local residents and business owners.

“When people help work the garden, they’ll be able to take home some of the produce,” said McGowan. “Other portions will go to the school to help in the cafeteria and as a requirement of our expected funding.”

Drummond Schools already participates in the Ranch to Table program that sources locally raised meat products for student meals.


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