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Recent storms get local waters on the rise

GRANITE COUNTY – The wet weather has sent area streams on the rise.

Tuesday’s flurry of thunder, lightning and hail were just the largest of several weather systems to hit Western Montana. While the Clark Form will approach moderate flood stage near Missoula, Granite County rivers and streams have climbed their banks as well.

None of the local waterways are near flood stage, but they have made significant jumps in their levels after Tuesday’s rain.

The Flint Creek station in Maxville has seen an 18% gain in flow height from 4.24 feet Tuesday to 5.50 feet Wednesday. Likewise the flow has increased from 220 cubic feet/second (cfs) to 307 cfs.

Further downstream at Mullan Road near Drummond, the Flint Creek enlarges to a height of 4.47 feet after registering at 3.54 the day before. The flow has increased from 435 to more than double at 887)

Once the Flint Creek joins into the Clark Fork River the water really gets flowing. At its Bearmouth station the USGS has measured 1.26 foot increase in height in the last 24 hours from 4.24 feet to 5.50. The flows haven’t quite doubled, but are close having gone from 1,300 cfs to 2,370 cfs.


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Weather Ahead

The chance of rain is persistent throughout the rest of the week for the greater Granite County area, with a chance of snow entering the equation Friday at higher elevations. The National Weather Service is predicting clearer skies for Saturday and Sunday with a chance of rain coming back into the forecast starting Monday.

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