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Leeper wins eighth term as Drummond Mayor

GRANITE COUNTY – There was only one contested issue on Tuesday’s ballot, and Drummond residents overwhelmingly made their choice.

Incumbent Gail Leeper was re-elected to an eighth term as the town’s leader, a stretch that started in 1993 and appears to be one of (if not the longest) in Montana history. She defeated Lawrence Thomas 51-6 in a ballot that saw just 34% of the town’s 167 voters turnout.

“I just want to thank those who continue to trust me to take care of the affairs of the Town,” a humble Leeper said in a text message to the Courier Wednesday morning.

All other races went uncontested and did not require voting. These included John Laigaie, Carl Sundstrom, Duwayne Ulrich and Max Statler for Philipsburg Town Council positions as well as Earl Clute and Ray Powell earning their seats on the Drummond Town Council.

Philipsburg Mayor Daniel Reddish also won another term uncontested.


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