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Help Montana on Census Day 2020

GRANITE COUNTY – It takes just 10 minutes to help Montana for 10 years.

That’s the slogan of the 2020 Census that takes place today across the nation. If you are annoyed by folks coming to your door to help complete the Census, respond now so you’re more likely to be removed from their visitation lists.

Each year since 1790, the United States Census has taken place every 10 years as mandated by the Constitution (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3). The national accounting of residents helps determine where billions of dollars in funding will go. Those states and counties that are most accurately identified stand to gain the most from the Census and the funds made available by the federal government for such infrastructure items as roads, fire departments and schools to name a few.

The 2020 Census is also especially important for Montana as it may dictate that the Treasure State gets a second seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. That additional seat would double Montana’s political voice in Washington D.C.

Households should have received a mailing with a Census ID Number. But even if you have not received that mailing, you can respond via the website ( or by phone (844-330-2020).

When responding online, you will be asked for a Census ID number. If you did not receive an ID Number (as many Granite County residents received mil via a PO Box), start the response process and when asked for the ID Number just click the ‘I don’t have a Census ID’ link and proceed.

If you respond by the phone number above, the default language is English. If your preferred language is not English, then use one of the numbers found HERE.

When responding to the Census be wary of potential scams. Census questions include your address, number of people living in your home as of April 1 and general demographic information about those individuals. The Census Bureau will never ask you for:

  • Your full Social Security number.

  • Your bank account or credit card numbers.

  • Anything on behalf of a political party.

  • Money or donations.

In addition, the Census Bureau will not contact you on behalf of a political party.


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