Health Clinics remain open during COVID-19 quarantine

GRANITE COUNTY - The Granite County Hospital District released a statement Monday reminding residents that they are still open and functioning during the 'shelter in place' orders of the state and county.

The statement, sent by GCHD CEO Maria Stoppler, reads as follows:

The Clinics in Philipsburg and Drummond are still open to serve our community in need. Although wellness exams have been rescheduled for a later date to reduce the chance that healthy patients will come in contact with ill patients, The clinics are still open and seeing patients with any health concern. For those that prefer not to come to the clinic, a telehealth visit can be arranged, otherwise please call and make an appointment. Now more than ever, Granite County Hospital District is Here for You and your Family!

For more information you can visit the Granite County Medical Center website or by calling 859-3271.

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