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Granite wins ‘Yuck Fest’ over Drummond

PHILIPSBURG – It was game that saw 55 total fouls and 35 missed free throws between the two teams, the Prospectors prevailed with a 60-50 win over county rival Drummond Friday night in Philipsburg.

“When there are 55 fouls called in the game, it’s tough to get into any kind of rhythm,” said GHS Head Coach Dustin Keltner. “We stepped up and hit a few more free throws and that was a big difference. But that game was a real ‘yuck fest’.”

DHS Head Coach Levi Parsons agreed, noting that in a 10-point loss his team only made 12-of-32 from the charity tripe.

On the night, Drummond hit just one less basket than Granite and so the lack of support from at the free throw line cost the Trojans a chance to register the upset.

Granite held a 13-10 lead after one stanza, but lit it up for a 26-16 run in the second that proved to be the winning margin. Drummond rallied to outscore their hosts 15-10 in the third but could never quite reach the Prospectors down the stretch.

Despite the defeat, Drummond showed improvement from its previous outings to stay close thoughout the game.

“There at the beginning it took our kids a little bit to get calmed down,” said Parsons of his Trojans. “We’re trying to push the ball down the floor, but what they’re having a hard time with is when it’s not there. Once we get to pushin’, it’s just hurry, hurry, hurry.”

Kade Cutler led all scorers in the game with 21, being the first of six players in the game to foul out with over five minutes to go.

Ethan Parke led Drummond with 16, with Sam Bryant adding 11 and Caleb Parke 10.

The Granite men get a second game at home this weekend when they host Seeley Saturday night. The Trojans head to Victor to play the Pirates.

In JV action, Drummond beat Granite a game of four minute quarters, 30-9.


Drummond – 10/16/15/9 – 50

Granite – 13/26/11/10 – 60

Drummond – Bolotsky 4, CParke 10, EParke 16, Bryant 11, Phillips 4, Hauptman 1, Parsons 4

Granite – Cutler 21, Metesh 4, Ward 7, Palen 9, Morrissey 2, Tallon 8, O’Donnell 9


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