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GCMC Center ready for Coronavirus cases

PHILIPSBURG – With the Coronavirus gaining steam over the weekend, a valid question is “Just how ready is Granite County?”

That question was posed to Granite County Medical Center (GCMC) CEO Maria Stoppler Monday, who responded with a two-page letter explaining the precautions and steps that the GCMC has taken and will continue to take to make sure that they are ready for any cases that may appear inside Granite County. Among the steps taken are staff awareness of the symptoms and treatment of the Covid-19 virus and making sure that isolation facilities are fully stocked and prepared if they are needed.

Stoppler’s letter is featured below in its entirety.

As of Monday, March 2, 2020, there had been 102 cases reported inside the United States and six total deaths. More than 89,000 cases had been reported worldwide.

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