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Frontage Road residents still waiting for rock slide cleanup

The Flint Creek Courier takes a look at the Rock Slide on the Drummond Frontage Road.

It should be noted that House District 77 Representative Mark Sweeney has entered the picture as well, calling the Montana Department of Transportation to try and get a remedy in the works for the area's residents.

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Flint Creek Courier
Flint Creek Courier
05 sept. 2019

The route also includes some kids out near Rock Creek. The route use to come down the frontage road but now must divert along Mullan.


If the kids living on that frontage road attend Drummond schools why would they be going west to Missoula? And if they attend Drummond schools they wouldn't be heading west to where the road is blocked at Bearmouth. They'd be going east, about 15 miles to Drummond. As would anyone living on that road. They'd go east to Drummond and then get on I- 90 to Missoula and all points west. The blockage at Bearmouth is just causing an inconvenience in extra traveling time and fuel for the residents along frontage road. BTW, what are your Granite County Commissioners doing about it? One of whom lives on that frontage road.

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