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Fan attendance at Charlo, Valley Christian limited by host schools

GRANITE COUNTY – Fans wishing to watch the Titans take on the Vikings in Charlo Friday night will need a team connection to get a seat.

Charlo High School is limiting access to fans based on the Flint Creek roster. Senior players are receiving four tickets each with all other underclassmen get just two. Charlo made the decision prior to the season and have maintained the standard thus far through the 2020 schedule as part of its COVID-19 protocols.

The Flint Creek Courier is currently working with Charlo High School officials to try and find a way to bring the game live to Titans fans. Like Granite and Drummond, Charlo has received and mounted their Pixellot cameras. However, these cameras have not been configured or optimized to connect to the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) network website for broadcast at this time. Charlo is hoping the connection will happen before Friday’s game.

If those cameras are not connected to the NFHS website by kickoff Friday, the Flint Creek Courier is investigating various methods that would allow fans to hear, and possibly see, the action live from Charlo. As these developments become more firm, the Courier will post updates as to where Flint Creek fans may be able to hear and/or watch their Titans in action.

Volleyball - Drummond at Valley Christian (Thursday)

Likewise, Valley Christian will be restricting admittance to its volleyball match Thursday against the Lady Trojans. In a post to their Facebook page Monday Drummond Schools noted the following:

They (Valley Christian) will be allowing 2 spectators per player. Temperatures will be taken at the door and once they reach the capacity of 2 per player they will close the gates. There will be no concessions and if you leave the building you will not be readmitted.


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