COVID-19 Updates from Granite County

GRANITE COUNTY - Those working to keep Granite County safe during the COVID-19 outbreak are working to speak in one voice.

At the Granite County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, community leaders joined forces to release information to the public in a single, uniform manner so as minimize confusion and relay the most accurate information available. Among these agencies were the commissioners, Granite County Board of Health, Granite County Sheriff's Department, first responders and other members of the county leadership.

Granite County Board of Health Chairman Mark Ransford will act as the Incident Commander is responsible for vetting and releasing all official communications.

In an effort to help spread the information quickly and accurately, the Flint Creek Courier has agreed to run these press releases unedited and at the soonest possible time. The Courier has added a special button on its website so that readers can easily find these updates and other stories related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 updates for Granite County will also be posted to the Granite County Sheriff's Facebook page and on the Granite County website.

Updates are made as information becomes available and these releases are the official information for Granite County.

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