Butte Produce now making deliveries to Drummond

DRUMMOND – If you’re looking for produce to hit your dinner table, the answer will be rolling onto Front Street.

According to Karmen Hager, a deal has been reached to bring the area produce provider to Drummond each week with a delivery of fresh produce and other items.

A post on Hager’s Facebook page reads: “Thanks to the hard work of our Mayor Gail Leeper we can now order from Butte Produce for needed supplies.”

There are over 200 items on the order sheet, with some items rotating in and out of stock. Items can be purchased individually or by the case and include such product categories as: Produce, Refrigerated, Dairy, Meat, Fish Products, Pork Products, Bakery, Shortening & Oils, Dry Grocery, Paper Goods, Smallwares, and Clothing. A complete list of the most recent order form can be found below.

Updated lists of available products will be shared on social media.

Orders are made by phone at 406-782-2369 and must be placed each Wednesday by 3 p.m. Deliveries are made the next day on Front Street across from the Drummond Apartments. Only Credit Card and Check Payments will be accepted – no cash.

It was also noted that all CDC guidelines will be followed and that Social Distancing rules must be followed.

For more information contact Karmen Stenerson Hager on her Faceebook page, via email at karmenhager6006@gmail.com or by phone at 406.531.2825

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