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BREAKING: Bullock orders Montanans to Shelter in Place

HELENA – Thursday Montana Governor Steve Bullock issued an order to shelter in place that will take effect Saturday at 12:01 a.m.

The order puts more restraints on the activities that Montanans can do during the COVID-19 quarantine. Residents are now ordered to not gather at all in groups, down from the under 10 regulation from the previous edict. It also dictates that going anywhere except for absolutely necessary trips is to be avoided.

For local businesses, not much will change. Restaurants are still forbidden from having sit-down guests but can serve take-out orders.

The official list of essential businesses is listed below.

In his briefing this afternoon, Bullock stated that the order was enforceable and that its enforcement would be left to county attorneys. Granite County Attorney Blaine Bradshaw said he didn’t expect much trouble locally.

“Most people are reasonable and self-regulate here,” said Bradshaw in a text exchange Thursday evening. “I would think it would be rare for me to get involved, but (it) may happen.

There could be citations given and fines, but I just don’t foresee that much. We are good, reasonable folks here!”

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