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Drummond Basketball Camp goes out with a bang

DRUMMOND – Campers turned out in record numbers for the final Drummond Basketball Camp under the guidance of Mike Bradshaw.

Bradshaw, a member of the Montana Coaches Association Hall of Fame, made the decision before this camp that it would be his last. When asked if that was truly the case, he reaffirmed it … mostly.

“You know each of these last few years I think that’s wrapping it up,” said a reflective Bradshaw, “But then they want to do it again.

“We’re the only camp really in this area and this was the best turn out we’ve ever had.”

107 campers filled the two gymnasiums on the campus of Drummond School, Mike taking the younger kids in the new gymnasium and his brother Dave working with the older kids in the original one. The two have worked the camp for 42 years together. The camp uses a number of local players and coaches to help organize and instruct players in small groups throughout each day.

“I like having the kids and being around the kids,” added Bradshaw. “Now that I’m not coaching anymore it’s just great to coach the game I love.”

Another of Bradshaw’s rewards is seeing the kids that come through his camp collect skills and abilities that they later use in high school and beyond.

“It feels kind of strange,” said Dave Bradshaw, Mike’s younger brother. “This has been a huge part of our lives for he and I. It’s been fun coming back to where I went to high school being able to help this guy (pointing at current DHS junior Alec Hauptman) and his dad and I were best friends in high school. It’s been kinda fun to work with some of these guys and then their grand kids.”

Dave and Mike will go down and operate a camp in Corvallis starting June 17, the 29th year for that endeavor.

The Bradshaw brothers have dedicated their lives to the sport of basketball. As head coaches during their younger years the two combined for more than 900 career victories.

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