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GCHD Trustee Candidate: Chris Cornelius

NOTE – The Flint Creek Courier invited the candidates running for the Granite County Hospital District Trustee seats to submit letters as to why they are running. These letters/statements are solely the views and opinions of candidates and do not represent the views of the Flint Creek Courier.

Why I am Running I’m a hometown Granite County Hospital District Board Member hopeful – my name is Chris Cornelius. I have lived over half of my life in Montana; 25 years in St. Ignatius and 15 years in P-Burg (well, up behind Maxville off the grid).

When we first moved here I worked out of town. About six years later I landed a job at Doe Brother’s. I worked a year as one of their Head Cooks. When there was an opening at the High School, I had to compete for the job and got it. As Assistant Custodian for seven plus years, today I work there part time.

I have always enjoyed living in small towns most of my life where you get to know everyone and don’t think twice about helping out in times of need.

If elected as your Board Member, my goal would be to make good decisions for the hospital, the staff, our long term care patients and our community.

Chris Cornelius

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