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LETTER: Candidates filing for GCHD Trustee positions

For any of you residing in Granite County, or personally know people there, I have filed as a write-in candidate for one of the Trustee positions to the Granite County Hospital District (GCHD). The position term expires in May, 2021. Previous Trustee appointment, Genevieve Kulaski, has filed for the same seat. The election will be held by mail in ballot due by May 7. Ballots to be mailed out on April 17,2019 and must be filled out and returned by mail or hand delivered to the Clerk and Recorder no later than May 7, 2019.

There is another write-in for the other Trustee seat term ending 2022, Richard Motta. John Barbara and Chris Cornelius have also filed for that seat.

By statute, there should had been a yearly Trustee election. However, because of poor, or no public service announcements by the GCHD, all of the Trustee "candidates" ran unopposed. Thereby, canceling out any election by the People. In essence, for the last five years, we have had Trustee elections by acclamation by the Trustees who themselves were seated by acclamation or appointment. This is not in tune with the democratic election process or by the Consent of the Governed.

Finally, this May 7, 2019, the public will have a choice as to who will represent their wishes, as it should be with ALL elections. All the more reason that there must be notice given to the public, as to what seats are up for election and when candidates are eligible to file.

By the way. Special thanks go out to all the candidates who did file, and to all who will file, for any office, in the future. Thus insuring that an formal election, of, by and for the People will be held. Let's get it done!

Elena Gagliano


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