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BREAKING: Sentinel fined for recruiting former Titan

HELENA – The Montana High School Association (MHSA) Executive Board issued a finding Monday that Sentinel High School had violated rules regarding the recruitment of a player for the 2019 season.

The MHSA made the decision in closed session due to privacy rights. However, the player in question was former Flint Creek Titan Jaxon Lee, who transferred to Sentinel in February.

Upon learning that Sentinel was being fined for the violation, Lee made the following statement to the Flint Creek Courier via Facebook Private Messenger:


“I had no clue about this until very recently. I strongly disagree with the decision because in no way did Sentinel recruit me. I transferred for my own reasons which haven’t changed since day one and in no way did (the) Sentinel Administration or staff promote my decision for coming to Missoula. I’m here for academic and social experiences that I decided to do on my own.” ~ Jaxon Lee


Lee is one of the state’s top players heading into the 2019 season. He helped lead the Titans to back-to-back Class C 8-Man Football Titles over the past two seasons, amassing a perfect 25-0 record. Individually, Lee has racked up big numbers and numerous honors. When the postseason dust settled in November 2018, Lee had been named first team Slot Receiver, Kickoff Returner, Defensive Back and Punt Returner.

Lee also has a standing scholarship offer with Montana State University.

Lee received no penalty for his actions in the matter.

The MHSA indicated that Granite High School in Philipsburg had filed the protest. Philipsburg Schools Superintendent and Flint Creek Head Coach Mike Cutler did not comment on the finding.

Mark Beckham, Executive Director of the MHSA, told that the $100 fine was the lightest level of reprimand the school could receive. The next level would be a $200 fine followed by a possible probation.

The Flint Creek Courier was unable to reach staff members or coaches of Sentinel High School Monday afternoon.

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