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FWP getting ready for Deer, Elk Permit applications

2019 Deer and Elk Permit Applications

For those hunters interested in applying for elk or deer permits for the 2019 season a critical deadline is approaching, March 15.

2019 Deer, Elk and Antelope Regulations

The 2019 Deer/Elk/Antelope Regulations are available on the FWP website.

Hunters will notice some changes to this year’s regulations. The regulations booklet has been reorganized and reformatted for better flow and clarity. In addition, the legal descriptions will be published in a separate booklet.

Hunt Planner Permit Tutorial

Looking for help planning and researching for your March 15th deer and elk permits? Watch this Hunt Planner tutorial which helps guide you through the hunt planner map application created by FWP. The hunt planner was created to help hunters plan their hunt.

Join the FWP My Montana Hunt Facebook Group!

FWP’s My Montana Hunt group is a place for hunters to share their experiences, photos and discuss all things related to hunting. FWP will be posting information about hunting and news happening in Montana. We encourage our group members to post photos, videos and start discussions about hunting. Please add your friends and enjoy your experience.

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