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LETTER: Transferring player thanks county

Dear Granite County, After sleepless nights and several lengthy conversations, I have decided to transfer at the end of this semester to a larger school. This will give me an opportunity to obtain some personal goals as I focus academically and athletically. Trust me when I say this wasn’t an easy decision as I considered my family, the TEAM, and myself.

I want to thank the community for the support they have had for the Titans, my family, and me. I have been extremely fortunate to play for the number one team in the state for two years in a row, with the best group of brothers, and most dedicated coaching staff in the entire state of Montana at the high school level. I truly mean that. Thank you, Coach Cutler, Holland, Bignell, Hess, Metesh, and Schell for the last three seasons; I needed every one of you to push me. The past two seasons will be forever imprinted in my memory. I have had some of the best times and greatest achievements in my life as a Titan. Thank you, teammates, for all the fun we had, the forever memories shared, the dedication, and the success. Thank you, cowbell moms, for the food, decorations, love, and most of all, the COWBELLS! Thank you, Brooks Phillips, Tim Allen and Larry Hull for all of the action photos and write-ups over the last three years, which truly captured what it meant to be a “Titan”. With this coaching staff and players, I have nothing but confidence in the Titans for years to come. I will remain one of your biggest fans. I leave you all with this excellent quote, “In the End, We Only Regret the Chances We Didn’t Take” – Lewis Carroll

Sincerely, Jaxon Lee (Titan #5) Owsley Lane

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