State senator wants to give Montana legislators 69% pay raise

HELENA – According to a report from NBC Montana, GOP Senate President Scott Sales (R, Bozeman) wants to give Montana legislators a huge pay increase. This despite the potential fallout from constituents who may see the measure as self-serving, the Senate president said.

To view the story, CLICK HERE.

House District 77 representative elect Mark Sweeney (D) had voiced opposition to this bill previously in published op-eds, but restated his position Wednesday afternoon.

“I have no doubt Montana legislators are underpaid, it is obvious but if we want to be comparable to neighboring states and are that far behind then the difference needs to be made up over smaller pay raises over a greater period of time.

“I could not look my underpaid psych-aids at Warm Springs State Hospital in the face if I voted for a 65% pay increase.”

Sweeny’s district covers Granite County and portions of Anaconda Deer Lodge County.

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