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LETTER: Vote for the Hospital District Mill Levy

Dear Editor,

Granite County Needs Healthcare!

I reach out to your compassionate heart. Granite County has always displayed an incredible spirit in taking care of its own. Supporting the Hospital District Mill Levy is one of the ways we take care of our own. Granite County Hospital District is not for profit, they seek only the opportunity to care for those in need and by VOTING FOR THE HOSPITAL DISTRICT MILL LEVY, we are taking care of your family, friends and neighbors in need. You may not be currently using the services provided by the District, however so may do. Your support is desperately needed to ensure that access to these valuable services remains local. These services include Hospital, Emergency Room, Outpatient Clinics in Philipsburg and Drummond, as well as Long Term Care for our elderly.

One can never underestimate the value of Emergency Services. I have personally witnessed countless lives saved right before my eyes; lives that would have otherwise been lost if not for the immediate care and treatment received in our Emergency Room. Every life saved is a testament to why we need to support our Hospital District. In an emergency, every moment counts. No one wants to frantically navigate our winter roads, counting the minutes in a mad dash out of town, fingers crossed and saying our prayers that our loved one can hang on until they reach a hospital. No one wants to be in that situation: wishing we had supported our local hospital.

The GCHD may not be the largest hospital and they may not offer every service; however it is by design they have focused their efforts and resources on identifying and providing the healthcare services our county needs most. In just the past year, GCHD has treated 295 Emergency Room patients and has given a home to 30 Long Term Care patients and every effort there is aimed at improving their quality of life. Local Long Term Care services allow our elderly to remain close to home, close to family and friends where they feel comfortable and familiar, where everyone can stop by and visit and where everyone knows their name. This is so vital to one's quality of life. Without the Hospital District there will be no Long Term Care available in Granite County.

The Hospital District not only provides the vital healthcare services our community needs, it contributes to the local economy. Forty three employees live in or around Granite County. This represents $2 million contributed to local economies. If the Hospital District did not exist, this would have a very negative impact on every local business, the housing market, school system and the future growth and prosperity of our county.

Why do we need the Mill Levy?

The money raised through the Mill Levy goes solely to support the operational expenses of the Hospital District. These funds fill the space between what is collected in revenue and the cost to deliver care. Rising patient deductibles and increasing out of pocket obligations leave a heavy burden on the patient, one that cannot always be paid, in spite of one's best intentions. Insurance companies also continue to reduce their payments for services provided. Small rural facilities do not have the economy of scale to make up for this. Your support is vital to maintaining healthcare services in Granite County.

The Granite County Hospital District is Your Hospital, Your Healthcare Services. PLEASE VOTE FOR THE HOSPITAL DISTRICT MILL LEVY!

Maria Stoppler

Philipsburg Resident

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