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Sheriff encourages smart hunting as season opens

The following post was originally printed on the Broadwater County Sheriff's Facebook Page and reposted by the Granite County Sheriff on their page. It is reprinted here with the permission of its originator.


As we begin the 2018 big game general rifle season, I want to wish everyone great success in filling your tags for your deer, elk and whatever tag you have to fill. I want to also put some information out, before things get carried away since I already had a hunting without landowner permission call this morning.

I want to cover some of the issues we see EVERY year here in Broadwater County and they are unethical, irresponsible hunting violations.

Issue #1, if you are NOT hunting on State land, BLM or USFS, chances are someone owns the ground you are standing on. So, you need to get permission from that land owner before you proceed any further. This includes block management areas. It is your responsibility as a hunter to know where you are at all times.

People need to be careful on block management areas as well. Some areas restrict the number of hunters on the property on any day, so if you sign in at a box and the owner only allows 10 a day and you are #11, you are now hunting without landowner permission.

Issue #2, IT IS ILLEGAL to shoot from a motor vehicle without a permit and it is ILLEGAL to shoot from a roadway. A roadway is defined as the area between the fence lines. So, if you have permission to hunt, get over the fence before you shoot. It is also ILLEGAL to haze any big game animal with a motor vehicle on a roadway or private ground.

Issue #3, HUNTER ORANGE! The law requires 400 square inches above the waste. Red, pink, fluorescent green are not legal colors to wear to meet this requirement.

I am sharing this information with you all in hopes it will be shared across Montana as people find their way to Broadwater County to hunt this year. I am going to be completely upfront with everyone, any violation of the hunting laws that my deputies respond to, will be charged accordingly. I have given a zero tolerance objective to my staff for hunting violations.

Otherwise, good luck this season and remember to be prepared for quickly changing weather events and unsuspected issues that may arise during your hunting trip. My Search and Rescue team is here, ready and willing to come to your aid.

These are not all the hunting issues that are covered in Montana Law, so please read your 2018 hunting regulations before you hit the field. Remember, if you see a violation please call TIPMONT or my office at 266-3441.

Thank you Sheriff Wynn M. Meehan

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