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Page Merge on hold ... for now

GRANITE COUNTY - Due to the ever-changing world of Facebook rules, our intended page merge will be put on hold for the time being.

The change is being held up because the pages we want to merge don't have the same name, even though they have the exact same posts. So to this end, in coming days we'll rename in the pages for the Town of Philipsburg MT News and Granite County Events to something like Flint Creek Courier 2 and then eventually merge them.

Until then, all of our live updates will be done on the Flint Creek Courier Facebook page. So if getting live updates on sports, weather and other events is important to you, then head over there ahead of the rush and 'Like' that page. You can see local news first by make the Flint Creek Courier one of your See First pages on Facebook. Here's how to do that:

  • On your laptop/desktop - Hover over the "following" tab under the page's cover image. When the drop down menu appears, select "See First".

  • On your phone App - Use the Facebook App to navigate to the Flint Creek Courier page. After 'Liking" it, you'll see a button with three dots (see our sample image using the Granite County Sheriff's Office, which is another great page to mark as See First). Click the three dots, then click Following. Select See First and you're all set!

We look forward to getting past this small adjustment and making sure you get the fastest, most reliable news in Granite County!

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