Pages merge to centralize news for Granite County

GRANITE COUNTY – The Flint Creek Courier appreciates your reading our stories and following our posts. And so to make sure that everyone gets all of the updates as they happen, we’re consolidating our social media pages.

In the coming weeks, the Facebook pages for Granite County Events and Town of Philipsburg News will be merged into the Flint Creek Courier’s page. As someone who likes or follows those pages, you won’t have to do a thing. You’ll get a notification that the change has been made and that’s it!

Our reason for this is that as news happens, we can only broadcast a live feed into one page at a time. This way if we have breaking news from the sheriff, one of the cities or something else, everyone will get the information at the same time without delay.

The Granite County Events Group will remain separate. It is linked to the Flint Creek Courier Facebook page, but cannot be merged at present. If that ever becomes an option, we’ll let you know.

Story Ideas

We’re always looking to tell a good story. If you have something interesting going on or maybe know of a special person who should be recognized, let me us know. We may not be able to get to everyone, but we can’t even begin to tell those great stories if we don’t know about them.


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