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DHS Trophies move one step closer to redemption

DRUMMOND - It's been nearly a year since the scandal over the dismantling and destruction of trophies raised an uproar in the Lower Valley. But Tuesday night, the school took another step in reinstating those trophies to their rightful place

By a 4-0 vote the Drummond School Board approved a motion to work with David Parke to create and install the needed wood slats that will hold the district, division and state trophies the school has earned over its storied history. The Trophy Committee has pledged to help put the trophies up once the slats are mounted, which they hope to have done by sometime in October.

Parke was one of two people to place bids on the project, with the board approving the committee's recommendation to start with Phase 1 of the project - getting the postseason, wall-mounted trophies back in a proper display. That portion of the project is estimated at $6,100.

However, the board approved to put enough slats for only the trophies earned plus enough room for an estimated five years, so as not to create a mass of unused space. The remaining slats will be stored and mounted when the space is required.

Any leftover portion of the $6,100 will be used to create shelving for the stand-up trophies.

Another bid of $2,500 is in a second phase for a case specifically for the state championships earned by the school and its co-ops. That has been tabled until later in the year.

Trophy Committee Secretary Janet Hauptman explained to the board that the bids they received included the display for the postseason wall-mount trophies, displaying the standup trophies and a case for the state championship trophies.

When the meeting initially began, the board discussed the hiring of Tim Thomas as the school's new dishwasher and janitor. The meeting had to go into closed session for a short time to discuss some issues, but came back with a 4-0 vote in favor of hiring Thomas pending a background check.

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