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Valley Fire contains grass fire started by downed power lines

GRANITE COUNTY - Valley Fire responded to a cal of power lines downed Saturday evening.

The call, which reached the Granite County Sheriff's Office at approximately 8 p.m., came in from Valley District Volunteer Fireman Jeremy Pfendler. He had seen that a tree limb had fallen on the power lines, causing the breakage and a fire in the surrounding brush.

Valley Fire dispatched four Type 6 vehicles and one tanker in response to combat the flames. The fire was made more difficult by the live, high-voltage wires at the scene. Valley Fire got the fire under control quickly and minimized damage to the surrounding property.

Northwest Energy arrived on scene several hours later to contain the high voltage wires.

It is important to remember that if you have trees that are growing near power lines that you keep them well maintained to avoid a similar occurrence on our your own property. As high winds pass through the area and combine with the dry conditions, fires can easily be started and quickly spread.

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