Youth seen attempting to break into Palace Hotel

DRUMMOND - Three people were spotted attempting to break into the Palace Hotel in Drummond Thursday.

The report was filed by the property owner, who requested that they not be named. According to the owner, three youth were seen Thursday afternoon at approximately 5:30 p.m. attempting to break into the building.

One of the suspects was described by the owner as a "... short kid with dark hair, wearing a striped red and blue shirt and glasses." A second suspect was described as dirty blonde hair, wearing jeans and a bandana. A third suspect was identified as a girl, "...tall with a ponytail..."

The building owner stated they were headed east in the alley behind the building.

According to the owner, three doors were damaged the night before when someone tried to break into the building as well. She stated that she has made a report about both incidents to 911.

" I want these little vandals caught that have NO respect for other people's property," the owner stated. "I do have 'No Trespassing' signs posted!"

The building is currently being worked on could be dangerous to anyone entering.

Granite County Sheriff's Officer Rick Olsen confirmed that the owner had filed a report and that an active search for the suspects was ongoing. They will also be increasing patrols in the area to prevent further damage and break ins.

If you have any information regarding the above suspects, please call the Granite County Sheriff's Office at 406.859.3251.

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