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Adler trial date moved again, now set for Oct. 22

PHILIPSBURG - The trial of Granite County Commissioner Scott Adler has been moved again, this time at the request of the prosecution.

Adler was originally supposed to be tried on misdemeanor charges of Official Misconduct and Theft by Embezzlement in late July in Philipsburg. When that date didn't work for Adler's attorney Mike Grayson, he filed a motion and the trial was reset for August 13-14.

But now it seems that the August date will not work for Montana State Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Varns. Varns filed a motion July 3 asking that the trial be moved due it conflicting with an out-of-state work training that he has at that time.

According to the Granite County District Court, the trial is now set for Oct. 22, 2018 in the seventh setting.

The Montana State Attorney General filed charges against Adler January 31, 2018 charging him with Official Misconduct and Theft by Embezzlement. The charges stem from an incident at Adler's home September 6th and 7th in which it is claimed that Adler used Granite County heavy equipment, resources and personnel to pave his personal driveway.

While misdemeanors, the charges could have wide-reaching effects. If found guilty of the Embezzlement charge, Adler could be fined up to $500. If found guilty of the Official Misconduct charge, Adler could be fined up to $500, imprisoned in the county jail for a term up to six months or both. If he is found guilty of the latter charge he must immediately vacate his office as a Granite County Commissioner.

During his arraignment February 15, 2018 Adler plead not guilty to both counts against him, despite having admitted to the crime October 3, 2017 during a Granite County Commissioner's meeting.

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