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New Business Rooted Deep in Drummond

DRUMMOND - Residents of Drummond and greater Granite County don't have to trek all the way to one of the population centers for physical therapy appointments, not since the opening of Drummond Physical Therapy last week.

Sisters Heidi and Jo Hamilton, formerly students at Drummond High School, have joined forces to bring Heidi's chain of physical therapy offices to their hometown. Jo and her husband, Brad Radtke, owned the land at the east end of Front street where the office resides. They built the facility with Heidi and her husband, Doug Martin, opening their eighth office in their growing chain of physical therapy centers.

"We've been open in Darby since 2001," said Doug Martin of the business, "so we felt that gave us a good understanding of serving a community like Drummond. ... Heidi said, 'Why don't we serve what I remember being a community a that is very underserved (in the area of physical therapy).'"

The Martin's hope to be able to provide more than just services that the area lacks, but also to act as an anchor for other medical services. They have found that other medical professionals, e.g. dentists and doctors and the like, see their success and then start considering a move to that same community with much more interest.

"We were wondering if we could help take Drummond to that next level," added Martin, "and that other services may follow us.

"Ultimately, it's about us doing good work and serving the community."

The office is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is manned by licensed Physical Therapist Reneé Gibson. Services include sessions for people recovering from joint replacement, injuries and other similar procedures. It's location gives residents the opportunity to receive the help they need without having to spend two hours on the road.

"This will also provide our clients with great value," explained Martin. "So often now insurance companies charge by the visit and most clinics will see you for 30 or maybe 45 minutes. Our sessions are about an hour, so in most cases your getting twice the value for your $30 or $40 co-pay."

Gibson holds a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana and furthered her education and skills through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine. She is currently pursuing certification in Applied Functional Science. Gibson is also a licensed massage therapist with advanced training in myofascial release, and will frequently combine these modalities with dry needling.

Martin indicated that Drummond Physical Therapy will also be able to assist the community and the high school, helping its athletes and coaches stay in better health. At some of its other locations they have offered classes on taping and preventative stretches to minimize the chances of an athlete tearing their ACL or MCL.

Drummond Physical Therapy is taking customers now and is planning an official grand opening/open house later this fall.

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