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4H Club lends a helping hand roadside

Members of the Golden Opportunity 4H Club gathered together April 11 to clean the roadside on New Chicago Road near Hall.

Members of the club are Jake Koon, Sara Koon, Jamie Struna, Nicole Rasor, Jennifer Keith, Dee Dunkerson, Spencer Parke, Tanner Piippo, Dave Weer, Jessie Struna, Deanna Parke, Gracie Weaver, Shelby Struna, Alec Hauptman, John Rue, Jackson Radtke, Samantha Weer, Sareana Keith, Brody Rasor, Chance Dunkerson, Lexi Nelson, Annie Rue, Paytn Rasor, Holly Hauptman, Scott Parke, Archer Radtke, Tucker Koon and Logan Hauptman. Photo by Darah Nelson.

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