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Tips from a Pro for Weight Loss Success

(StatePoint) Losing weight is often an idea rather than an undertaking, suggests a recent Gallup Poll, which found that while 51 percent of adults want to shed pounds off their frame, only 25 percent say they are seriously working toward that goal.

“With so many trendy diets advertised, identifying accurate and insightful information is one of the biggest hurdles for many would-be dieters,” says Carrie Elkins, division manager for Jenny Craig, who leads a team of expert consultants who have been providing weight loss and healthy eating advice for more than 35 years. “Many looking to lose weight begin their chosen programs with good intentions, but when push comes to shove, they have trouble staying motivated and quit before their goals are reached.”

Having access to a combined team of experts who spend their days helping others achieve their weight loss goals, Elkins is well-positioned to share key tips for success:

• Define your “why”: Identifying why you want to lose weight can provide the necessary inspiration you need to help you get started and stay focused. Write these reasons down and post them somewhere handy for a boost of encouragement, such as by your running shoes or on the refrigerator.

• Make it easy: You’ll be more likely to succeed if you select a weight loss program that doesn’t pile on stress to an already hectic routine. For example, with Jenny Craig, a week’s worth of meals can be delivered at once to your home, saving you time you’d otherwise spend in the grocery store and planning and preparing meals. Such programs can also take out the guesswork of losing weight, eliminating the often-arduous task of evaluating meals for calorie count and nutritional balance.

• Join a community: To stay accountable, gather or join a group of those committed to your success. Don’t be afraid to share your journey with friends, family and even social media followers. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that individuals who follow structured weight loss programs that include support are more likely to be successful. Take the concept one step further by looking for weight loss programs that offer ongoing expert guidance and critical support. One such program, Jenny Craig, includes one-on-one customized support from dedicated consultants who help them stay focused, learn healthy eating habits, talk through challenges and track progress.

• Don’t let plateaus sidetrack you: Weight loss plateaus are common and, unfortunately, often lead to trying drastic and unsustainable options -- like dropping calorie intake. This can cause people to boomerang, or worse, give up entirely. The scale is only one marker of improved health, so if the number isn’t budging, don’t despair -- stick to your plan and evaluate healthy ways to push through the plateau.

• Don’t yield to “quick fixes”: While juice cleanses and diets like keto seem to be all the rage, remember that such quick fixes can be extremely hard to maintain. For long-term results, commit to a sustainable regimen that allows you to have options, make amendments and feel flexible in your schedule.

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Experts say that you can make reaching a weight loss goal easier by selecting a program that fits your lifestyle, and seeking out support that keeps you accountable.


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