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Tickets, Broadcast details for 8-Man Championship Game

GRANITE COUNTY – As the Flint Creek Titans prepare to host the Scobey Spartans in the 8-Man Football Championship Saturday, fans of both teams are hoping to see all the action on the grid iron.

As per the Montana High School Association’s playoff rules issued October 13, 2020, tickets are limited due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. These rules state that:

  • Spectator Passes – Football, Volleyball and Soccer

  • Per previous Board action, each site must provide a minimum of two tickets per suited player for both home and visiting fans.

  • In addition the Board approved in volleyball, football and soccer to allow up to a maximum of 6 spectator passes per uniformed player for both home and visitor, 4 spectator tickets for alternates and managers, 2 spectator tickets for coaches, and 2 spectator tickets for cheerleaders (up to a maximum of 12 cheerleaders) with the approval of county health. No more than the maximum can be distributed, and tickets must be distributed equally for home and visitors.

  • Also, because of increasing COVID-19 numbers:

  • Student sections will not be allowed during post season play.

  • Bands will not be allowed during post season play.

The Titans and are allowing the maximum number of tickets to be distributed, but are giving them to players and team staff first, as per the MHSA directive. Any excess tickets are being distributed by the schools through a central individual.

Complaints about ticket access should be directed to the MHSA office.

For fans that are not able to get to the field Saturday for the game, there are several ways to stay abreast of the action.

The Flint Creek Courier will be posting scores and live updates throughout the game as cell phone access permits.

There are two broadcasts currently scheduled for Saturday’s game on the NFHS Network, one hosted by Drummond and one by the MHSA. In years past, the MHSA broadcasts have had play-by-play, color commentary, statistic and camera people dispatched to broadcast the championship contests. To view that broadcast, CLICK HERE at 12:45.

To view the Drummond broadcast (which may end up being the same as the MHSA broadcast) CLICK HERE.

An online radio broadcast of the game will also be available at Click on the Listen Live button on their webpage.


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