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Sweeney fights for Anaconda Job Corps program

GRANITE COUNTY – As an Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Commissioner I worked shoulder to shoulder with Job Corps students and staff filling sand bags during floods and running chainsaws cleaning up after wind storms. Job Corps is a huge part of our community.

Not quite a year ago I received a text message from a Job Corps employee who received a notice of permanent shut down. Ten minutes later I was in Senator Tester’s Helena office talking to his staff. I then walked across the street to the State Capitol and into the Governor’s office to let them know of his dire decision. My next stop was Senator Daines’ office.

In the weeks following I met with the Senators and Governor’s staffs regularly and talked to Senator Tester’s office almost daily. We held meetings and an open house at the Center. Three top staffers from the Governor’s office, along with staffers from both Senators offices attended. I held a rally at the Copper Crown. I was the only state elected official at these gatherings.

The community organized and rallied and together we were able to reverse the ridiculous decision.

I will bring this kind of commitment to all of the communities Montana's Senate District 39!

Mark Sweeney's Facebook page - CLICK HERE.

This is a paid advertisement by Mark Sweeney, Democrat, running for the Montana Senate.


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