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Recreational Sales of Marijuana making journey back to the ballot in November

GRANITE COUNTY - The June 2022 Primary saw Granite County vote down the recreational sales of Marijuana within its borders. But any would argue that the ballot measure was poorly written and confusing, causing it to fail by a narrow margin when it might well have passed.

One such person is Kendrick Richmond, manager of Top Shelf Botanicals in Philipsburg. His store sells both medicinal and recreational marijuana products, but can only do the latter until early September due to statute.

Richmond is trying to get another measure on the Nov. 8 ballot, one that he feels is more clearly worded and understandable to the citizens of Granite County.

Watch our interview with Richmond as he explains why he's working hard to get this measure on the ballot and passed. He is hosting a Signature Signing event at the Philipsburg Theater Friday, June 22, 2022 from 6-9 p.m. in an attempt to get the final supporters he needs to reach his 375 signature requirement by August 8.

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