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Plains-Flint Creek opener officially a 'nolo contendere'

PHILIPSBURG – Word came Saturday that the 2020 season opener for the Flint Creek Titans would go down as a cancellation.

The Titans’ game with Plains was cancelled Friday just hours before kickoff when it was determined that a member of the Flint Creek roster had tested positive for COVID-19. The visiting Horsemen exercised their right to not play the game due to the positive test. The game does not go down as a win or a loss for either team.

Flint Creek had a similar circumstance in 2017 when Hot Springs did not field a team. They lost that game on their schedule, but still finished with an unblemished 12-0 mark in claiming the first of two consecutive 8-Man State Championships.

Due to the test, the Titans have also had to cancel their scheduled junior varsity game Monday as well.

Flint Creek will now look ahead to their game Friday, September 4, against Mission. That games is slated to be played at Drummond High School with a 7 p.m. kickoff.


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