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Palin’s Pond closed during loading, road construction

DRUMMOND – Area residents were concerned when one of their favorite summertime spots was found closed recently.

Palin’s Pond, located just west of Drummond along the Frontage Road, is currently closed weekdays while Granite County receives millings from the state that came from I-90.

Commissioner Bill Slaughter confirmed that the county has leased the land next to the pond and the company bringing in the millings must control the traffic in and out of the pond area until they are complete. That contractor is currently running about 20 trucks a day into the area.


“I’m all for the kids. That’s all I am. We’ll have it open as much as possible.” ~ Linda Smith, owner


“The County got all the I-90 millings to rebuild county roads,” said Slaughter via text message Monday afternoon. “The pond will be closed on week days until they are finished. The County will have to do the same thing when we start hauling (them) out.”

A gentleman at the pond told would-be visitors that the pond may be closing to the public for good. But according to Linda Smith, whose family owns the pond, that is not the case.

“It’s closed during the days and people can go in at night,” said Smith. “They (Granite County) just don’t want people going in there when the trucks are going back and forth. If there’s nobody working in there people can use the pond.”

As to the rumor that the pond may be closing permanently, “No, that’s not true. I’ll tell ya what, if I can keep that open as much as possible … the kids don’t have anything else to do. I’m kinda mad that they had to start doing this when the weather’s so hot and people wanted to use it.

“I’m all for the kids. That’s all I am. We’ll have it open as much as possible.”


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