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Obituary: John Arthur Kendall

DRUMMOND - Halloween gained its king on 10/31/2021 when John Arthur Kendall passed away at home from this world unto the next.

John passed away, in the early hours.

John was born May 29, 1986. He wasn't overly fond of birthdays.

Suffice to say he put up with a great many lumpy, lemon bars and mail-damaged red velvet cupcakes by his well meaning, but culinary uninspired, friends.

From his very beginning; John was a whirlwind of dark humor, pop-culture references, extraordinary kindness and a insight into the human nature.

John studied at the University of Montana where he learned art techniques, studied film, and created a podcast. All the while John kept his grades up as he attending concerts and becoming a well known fixture on the grounds of the hippie-dippie, granola crunching university. He enjoyed time with his family, friends and his fur-babies and dreamed of opening his own tattoo shop. He made friends easily with his quick wit, easy charm, and luxurious locks. He greatly enjoyed the company of his family and friends.

To know John was to love him. And to love him is to be bereft in our loss of him.

John is preceded in death by his grandparents John & Arlene Kendall and Loyal & Juanita Clawson, and aunts and uncles.

He is survived by his parents John & Joy Kendall, his brother David, baby sister Rebecca and his handsome nephew "Shark" Ryker.

He leaves behind a legacy full of stories, jokes and memories.

Shine on you crazy diamond.


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