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Lady Prospectors sweep past Sheridan

PHILIPSBURG – It was as easy as one, two … well … three.

Despite having issues with the third set for the second time in as many matches, Granite posted a straight set win over the visiting Sheridan Lady Panthers 25-9, 25-9, 25-21.

The Lady Prospectors (2-0) made short work of the opposition in the opening two sets. But it was the third set where Granite seemed to lose its way temporarily before righting their ship and claiming the win.

“They lost focus,” said GHS Head Coach Kaley Hansen. “I firmly believe there are some people that need to get kinda weird to be competitive. They need to be a little goofy out there and I’m OK with that. But it can get to a point where it leads you off path and isn’t productive. And they went far above that line.”

Once the locals regained their focus to earn their second match win of the young season, they posted modest numbers statistically led by junior Ella Tallon. Tallon led in assists (12) and aces (8). Ramsey Smith and Montannah Piar each had four kills with the former adding a block. Smith, Allison Benson, and Addi Lilyquist all chipped in a trio of digs defensively.

Granite will continue its early onslaught of matches Thursday when they host Victor before heading out on the road Saturday to take on the Lynx of Lincoln.


Sheridan – 9/9/21 – 0

Granite – 25/25/25 – 3

Kills – Smith 4, Flores 1, Spehar 3, Piar 4, Lilyquist 2

Blocks – Smith 1

Assists – Spehar 2, Tallon 12, Piar 1, Lilyquist 1, Sowders 1

Digs – Smith 3, Benson 3, Piar 1, Lilyquist 3

Aces – Smith 2, Benson 2, Spehar 3, Tallon 8, Piar 3


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