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It’s déjà vu all over again for Titans, Longhorns

GRANITE COUNTY – It’s the same two teams playing in the same round at the same venue … only one year later.

When the Flint Creek Titans (7-0, 9-0) face off with the Fort Benton Longhorns Saturday in the semifinals of the MHSA 8-Man Football Championship it will be a matchup of teams that should know each other pretty well. Or at least that’s how it would appear on the surface.

While the programs are the same, the players that made them go are very different. Fort Benton sported a balanced offensive attack a year ago that featured the likes of William Ullery, Jayce Thompson and Hayden Diekhans moving the ball in a number of ways. Likewise, Flint Creek had Kade Cuter, Preston Metesh and Ethan Parke to get its offense going via land or air.

Things have changed.

The Titans are now lead by quarterback Andrew Tallon, running backs Tyler Burden and Chase Goldade and wide receiver Avery Metesh. The foursome, flanked by a others and their tough offensive line, have shown that they can move the ball against whatever the defense gives them. And with Head Coach Jason Ostler finding his stride as a play caller, they will be tough to stop.

The Longhorns are now captained by QB Cade Ball with running backs Andrew Ballyntine and Colter Ball carrying the rock. Fort Benton is as heavy a run team as the Titans have seen in recent times, putting the ball on the ground about 94% of the time. They’re also big. While a roster wasn’t readily available, scouts indicated that the Longhorns will matchup as well size-wise as any team Flint Creek has faced this year.

But two factors could decide this game – Line experience and the passing game.

The linemen for this game are essentially the same as last year, with the Titans being led by seniors Cordell and John Langton. Toss in junior Reece Rigby and secondary players like Leyton Wagner, Metesh and Burden and you have a core that have all been down this road before in last year’s win.

The passing game, or more specifically Fort Benton’s lack thereof, may post a problem for the Longhorns in that if they get down they may not be able to mount any kind of quick comeback.

This game will be broadcast on the NFHS Network with kickoff at 1 p.m. and an airtime of 12:45.


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