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Granite County needs workers for the 2020 Census

BILLINGS - If you're looking for a way to make good money and build up your resume, the 2020 Census may be just what you're looking for.

Granite County is one of many in Montana that is under its required number of enumerators for the coming 2020 Census. As of last week, Granite County only had 25 of the needed 102 workers required to complete the decennial count.

Workers need to apply at, pass a background check and get fingerprinted. Successful applicants earn between $17.00-$19.50 per hour and can work on their own schedule.

When asked to get fingerprinted, make sure to let them know that there is a census worker in Granite County (Tim Allen) that can take those for you, saving you a trip to Missoula. You'll need two forms of identification at the appointment.

Once on board, 2020 Census workers can use the skills they develop in this part-time job to apply for work later; skills such as working independently and using technology.

Census workers also have mileage reimbursed at the rate of 57.5 cents/mile.


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