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Granite County Fire Update: September 12, 2022

Granite County Fire Update: September 12, 2022

GRANITE COUNTY – Updates on fires being battled in and around Granite County.

Murray Fire Overview

Firefighters continue to increase containment of the Murray Fire, reaching 65% today. Fire crews are initiating mop up activities where safe and possible to do so. Fire activity was minimal again today, with just a few hot spots smoldering in the very interior of the fire area. Crews have worked hard to dig and reinforce hand line and lay hose to contain and suppress the fire. Aircraft is primarily being used to shuttle equipment, cargo, and firefighters to and from the spike camp in the fire area, as well as conduct mapping missions. The steep and rocky terrain has proved challenging for crews and equipment, but they have done an excellent job building and maintaining access to the fire area.

Solomon Fire Overview

The Solomon Fire was reported on Aug 24, 2022, and is burning southeast of Missoula, MT in the Welcome Creek Wilderness on the Missoula Ranger District. It is located approximately 6 miles south of Interstate 90/Rock Creek Exit #126, near Solomon Mountain in upper Solomon Creek, approximately 2 miles southwest of the Spring Creek Trailhead (Rock Creek recreation corridor).

The fire is burning in a steep, thickly timbered bowl with snags, or hazard trees, making up about half of the standing fuel and is surrounded to the south, east, and west by the 2007 Sawmill Fire burned area.

The terrain, fuel type, and the presence of snag trees, limit the ability to place firefighters directly on the fire. Firefighter safety is a top priority when assessing engagement on this fire.

The Solomon Fire is being managed under a point protection strategy which means that highly valued resources (such as buildings, infrastructure, or recreational assets) are being strategically protected from the fire, utilizing various natural and geographic features (past wildfires, trails, rock, and cliff bands) while protecting other values consistent with the Welcome Creek Wilderness. Air support, such as helicopters, may be used to slow and limit potential fire spread. Firefighters are patrolling and monitoring the fire via air and from vantage points on the ground and utilizing fuel moisture measurements, field weather observations, and fire models to inform the suppression strategy.

NOTE – No Update since Saturday, September 10, 2022.


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